February 28th

The first time I died was 10 years ago. Okay, so I didn't really die but let me explain..

It was a Thursday night on February 28th, 2008. 

When I woke up I heard the quietest silence I had ever heard. There was dirt and glass everywhere. My head was being pushed down by the roof of the car. I looked at my hands as to confirm it was me, and that I was alive. My jacket was covered in blood but I felt no pain. I tried to open the door but it was jammed. I couldn't see much, I needed light. Maybe I had seen too many James Bond movies or maybe I always knew this would happen. But there it was the big Maglight flashlight that I had installed between the door and my seat when I first bought this car.

It was chaos. 

I realized something wasn't right. I looked down at my legs and I saw something that didn't quiet make sense. At least not then. I knew that I was looking at a part of me, but I couldn't tell what it was. I decided to put it in the inside pocket of my jacket. Maybe Doctors could reattach it.

I had to get out of there. My door was jammed. The only way out was through the roof. I think my adrenaline had kicked in by this point. I used the back end of the flashlight to break a hole through the roof, which luckily was made out of glass. 

At the time I didn't know it but my car had caught some loose gravel on the freeway and all I remember was spinning out of control and then...black. Nothing. My car rolled a few times before landing in a ditch on the side of the freeway. If you are ever in San Luis Obispo, look for the ditch behind the hill where KSBY is. 

Luckily a guy driving in the other direction saw what had happened and decided to turn around and call 911. 

Once I was out of the car he came running down to help me out. We reached the top and I just kept on walking, into the freeway! I remember feeling his hand pulling me back and down towards the ground. A few seconds later a semi-truck passed through there at full speed.

Fast forward not even 3 hours later and I was walking out of Sierra Vista Hospital with a few stitches on my ear, a bunch of glass and dirt all over me and a sore shoulder. Yes, part of my ear got cut off by the side curtain airbag. That's what was on my leg.

The next day a friend of mine went to the site of the accident and recovered about 99% of my belongings that went flying out of the car. Some of the things he recovered included my camera (which I used for another 5 years after the accident), my laptop, wallet, cellphone, paperwork, you name it. He found pretty much everything. 

Now, you may be thinking that I was so lucky or that my guardian angel was watching over me or that God was there with me. And depending on what you believe in you would be right, but it goes beyond that, way beyond that.

Just hours after the accident.

Just hours after the accident.



Side curtain airbag deployed.

Side curtain airbag deployed.

Are you ready? Exactly a year later my twin boys were being born at the same hospital! 

And THAT was just the beginning!

Now 10 years after that car accident my twin boys are 9 years old, my youngest is 9 months old.

Happy 9th birthday boys!

Happy 9th birthday boys!


And life couldn't be better!